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The LORD is for Me.

There’s no doubt that we live in a time of distress. What about this virus? Will it be as bad as some suggest? What about ventilators and hospital beds and healthcare workers? Will we have enough? What happens if they get sick? What about the economic impact? What if people don’t voluntarily keep their distance from one another? Will they be made to keep their distance from one another? I wish I had answers to all these questions, but I do not. I don’t think anyone does. What I do know is that God is for His people. All the time, God is for His people. In every circumstance, God is for His people. Even in persecution and pestilence, God is for His people. Psalm 118:5-6 says, “From my distress I called upon the Lord; The Lord answered me and set me in a large place. The Lord is for me; I will not fear; What can man do to me?” The psalmist was in a place called Distress. He called upon the LORD and was relocated to Large Place, a place of peace, plenty, and freedom. Interestingly, as the psalmist wrote these words, the relocation may not have happened yet, but he could trust that it was as good as done with God on his side. What could man do to him? What can a virus do to us if God be for us? Even if it should kill us, death will only be a relocation to Large Place (i.e., Heaven) for those of us in Christ. Let us remember this: if we know God through faith in His Son Jesus, He is on our side! He is for us! He is with us! And let us call on Him during this time of distress.

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