Give Willingly! Give Generously! Give Cheerfuly! 

"The Mobile Baptist Association Disaster Relief Ministry is prepared to respond to damage or needs that arise from natural disasters."

"It is our intent to repair churches quickly so they can serve as the hub for community assessment, resource allocation, supplies distribution and home repair. Your missions tithe to the Cooperative Program, State Board of Missions and Mobile Association make possible the infrastructure and training to be able to respond immediately and effectively."

Those wishing to aid by donating financially to the ongoing disaster relief ministry may do so by check or credit card.

This resource is made possible by gifts of Alabama Baptists through the Cooperative Program.

"A crisis…when it’s in the news cycle, we understand it. On a personal level, you might have experienced one. But there are plenty of crises happening around us that we seldom see.

What about poverty, people in your community struggling to make it day to day? Refugees and internationals in our country, leaving their past behind but gaining new challenges every day. The 480,000 children in foster care in the US need a stable home. Human trafficking is an epidemic but often unseen and misunderstood. What about the impact of disasters such as hurricanes creating damage of critical proportions? These are big issues, and every one of them creates a pathway for the church to respond, corporately and as individuals. That’s why we exist…to equip you to respond. Send Help. Send Hope. Send Relief."

BGR and its partners respond to people with critical needs, whether those needs arise from chronic conditions—like extreme poverty, contaminated water, or endemic hunger—or acute crises—such as natural disaster, personal trauma, or social upheaval. BGR undergirds the work of Southern Baptists worldwide and partners with others who are like-minded. Baptist Global Response is not an official entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, but it is rooted in the soil of Southern Baptist life and committed to helping Southern Baptists who care connect with people in need around the world.